1.How to Broadcast LIVE using a Pc / Laptop?

2.How to Broadcast LIVE using Android based device?

3.How to Broadcast LIVE using ios based device (iphone/ipad)?

How to Broadcast LIVE using a Pc / Laptop?

To broadcast a live stream you need an encoder installed on your pc / laptop. There are number of encoders available in the market, but the simple yet professional one is “Flash Media Live Encoder”. You can download it free from here.

STEP – 1

Launch the Flash Media Live Encoder. Connect your video and audio inputs to your computer and make sure the audio/video capture device is working and is properly connected to the system/capture card.


STEP – 2

In the Flash Media Live Encoder,enter your Video and Audio settings on the left corner. After that you will see your total bit rate on the bottom. The total bit rate is the sum of the audio bit rate and video bit rate. If you are streaming at high bit rates, make sure the upload speed on your internet connection can handle the shown bit rate in the encoder.

Recommended Settings:

  • The Video “Format” must be set to H264 ( NOT VP6 )
  • The Audio “Format” must be set to AAC or MP3

STEP – 3

Login to your media control panel and get the stream details. Enter your stream details “FMS URL” and “Stream Name” on the lower right corner as shown above in the picture. Auto Adjust must be enabled and Degrade Quality selected.

STEP – 4

After you have filled in the details click the “Connect” button. Type your username and password in the popup, and then click “ok”.


STEP – 5

Check your settings. After you reanalyze your settings click the “Start” button to begin streaming.

STEP – 6

Congratulations! You are streaming to our media server. Now you can watch your stream and see some logs file.


STEP – 7

Now login to your control panel, and copy the player embedded code, paste it on your website.

How to Broadcast LIVE using Android based device?

This tutorial is coming soon…

How to Broadcast LIVE using ios based device (iphone/ipad) ?

This tutorial is coming soon…

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